Sexual Exploitation: Sexual exploitation is an act or omission to act that involves a member of a University community taking non-consensual, unjust, humiliating, or abusive sexual advantage of another, either for the individual’s own advantage or to benefit anyone other than the one being exploited. Examples of sexual exploitation include but are not limited to the following:

-Creating pictures, movies, web cam, tape recording, graphic written narrative or other means of memorializing sexual behavior or a state of undress of another person without the other’s knowledge and consent;

-Sharing items described in the paragraph above, beyond the boundaries of consent where consent was given. For example, showing a picture to friends where consent to view it was given for oneself only;

  1. -Observing or facilitating observation by others of sexual behavior or a state of undress of another person without the knowledge and consent of that person;
  2. -“Peeping Tom”/Voyeuristic behaviors;
  3. -Engaging in sexual behavior with knowledge of an illness or disease (HIV or STD) that could be transmitted by the behavior;
  4. -Engaging in or attempting to engage others in illegal “escort services” or illegal “dating services” which include or encourage in any way sexual behavior in exchange for money;
  5. -Surreptitiously providing drugs or alcohol to a person for the purpose of sexual exploitation; and
  6. -Causing another person to be exposed to pornographic material without the person’s advance knowledge or consent.


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