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- Criminal Defense Lawyer
With extensive knowledge of the local and Federal legal systems, Russell. J. Williams has thoroughly and diligently worked to achieve his goal of providing the best possible criminal defense for his clients. The Law Office of Russell J. Williams is devoted to criminal defense, concentrating on litigation in Florida State Courts as well as Federal Courts throughout the United States.

For more than 25 years, Russell has been protecting the rights of the people in the State of Florida. This Law Firm has tried more than 300 cases and achieved and exceptional success record, gaining the respect of prosecutors and the judiciary along the way. They have victoriously argued countless numbers of criminal cases from misdemeanors like traffic violations and DUI's to felonies as serious as first degree murder.

South Florida’s Leading Criminal Defense Lawyer

One of the law firms most interesting cases occurred when he defended a client charged with several counts of vehicular homicide and manslaughter, stemming from an alleged drag race. His client was charged with the deaths of several innocent people. The driver of the other car perished in the accident as well. This was the first time in Broward County, as well as in the State of Florida, where the State attempted to prosecute an individual, allegedly involved in a drag race, based upon a principal theory. This case was highly publicized, and Russell J. Williams received additional notoriety when the jury returned the verdict of not guilty.

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Education & Experience

Russell has had the opportunity to have taught the legal aspects of criminal procedures to the Florida Probation and Parole Officers through the Florida Department of Corrections. He has received high praise from the students who cited his extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of criminal law and criminal procedure. A native of Staten Island New York, Russell graduated from The State University of New York at Stony Brook. After relocating to South Florida in 1984 he attended The Shepard Broad Law Center at Nova Southeastern University, graduating in 1987. During his last semester in Law School, Russell worked as an intern for the Broward County State Attorney’s Office. It was at that time that he discovered his love of criminal law as a defense lawyer.
After graduating in 1987, Russell worked for a private practitioner where he learned to fine tune his legal skills doing research, writing memorandum, arguing motions and trying cases. In 1990, he became a partner in the Law Firm Roderman & Williams, staying for five years before venturing out on his own in 1995 establishing The Law Office of Russell J. Williams P.A. In 2014 Russell partnered with the Williams Hilal & Wigand, LLC that concentrate on auto accidents, child custody, divorce, family dispute, intellectual property, product liability, premises liability, wage claim and wrongful death. Since then, Russell has successfully defended hundreds of clients, tirelessly preserving and defending their constitutional rights - always remembering that all people are innocent until proven guilty.

At A Glance

· Williams, Hilal & Wigand LLC (2014-current)
· The Law Office of Russell J. Williams P.A. (1995-current)
· Law Firm Roderman & Williams (1990-1995)
· United States Court of Appeals 11th Circuit (1996)
· United States District Court
  - Southern District of Florida (1991)
  - Middle District of Florida (1995)
· United States Supreme Court (1991)
· Supreme Court of Florida (1987)
· Private Practitioner (1987)
· Broward County State Attorney’s Office, Intern (1987)
· The Shepard Broad Law Center at Nova Southeastern University (1987)
· The State University of New York, Stony Brook, NY (1984)
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