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Love can be a beautiful thing. However, it also has the potential to turn nasty and lead to emotionally-driven arguments, which in-turn can result in regrettable behavior. Domestic violence has emerged as a dark part of American society, as more and more cases of abuse are being reported yearly.

Contrary to popular belief, domestic violence does not only occur between husband and wife, it can involve a boyfriend and girlfriend and it can even occur among siblings. If you or someone you know has been charged with domestic violence, allow Russell J. Williams, to act your domestic violence lawyer. He has dealt with family violence cases in South Florida for more than 25 years. If you are interested in reviewing more of Russell J. Williams P.A. drug related defense press results, please click here.

Experts at Domestic Violence Law

The Florida laws involving domestic abuse are not administered in the same manner as regular crimes. You will need a spousal abuse attorney who can handle legal matters such as restraining orders, restraining order violations or defending you against sexual assault charge. The Law Office of Russell J. Williams will use their legal expertise to ensure that you receive the fairest trial possible. So many domestic violence cases are based simply on “he said, she said” allegations. Collateral evidence is important. We will attempt to obtain as much of this information as possible to present in court including text messages, phone records, and surveillance video are all important, and under the proper circumstances admissible in court.

Emotional Abuse Is Real

A domestic abuse charge in South Florida is a serious offense. If you have been accused of domestic violence in South Florida, let us protect your rights. Time is a factor when you have been accused of domestic violence. Please do not hesitate in retaining domestic violence services. If you have been arrested or charged with domestic violence, call or e-mail our law office immediately to speak with a knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer regarding your case.

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