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The Law Office of Russell J. Williams has been defending violent crimes in South Florida for more than 20 years. Crimes of violence can carry extremely harsh penalties. If you are accused of any crimes in this category, the most common of which is domestic violence, you’re first step towards re-acquiring your freedom is finding a criminal attorney. The length of your sentence will depend heavily on the competency of the criminal trial attorney you select to legally represent you. I, Russell J. Williams, am an experienced South Florida criminal attorney.

Criminal Attorney Who Knows The Law

We will meticulously gathering evidence to interviewing key witnesses, carefully build an airtight case which will result in the best possible outcome for you. Most of our crime of violence cases have resulted in the vindication of individuals and restoration of their normal lives. If you are interested in reviewing more of Russell's juvenile defense press results, please click here.

Know Your Options For Crimes of Violence

Since 1987, we have accumulated valuable courtroom experience aggressively representing hundreds of clients charged with crimes of violence. The Law Office of Russell J. Williams will do what it takes to get you the results you need and deserve. Most importantly, actively attempting to prevent any charges from being filed against you from affecting your future.

If you are being investigated for any violent crimes, select an attorney who is going to stand up and protect all of your constitutional rights. Helping you regain your freedom is our goal. Call now to schedule your free consultation. Find out how to protect your legal rights.

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